Maritza knows all the movie illustrations you never knew would be pertinent to your mental health journey. In May of 2014 she graduated Summa Cum Laude (they don’t give that distinction in the grad college, but she worked hard for that GPA, so she reps it here)  from Texas State University, where she became well-versed in Play Therapy and Child-Parent Relationship Therapy in addition to training with adolescents and adult individuals, families, and couples. She’s looking into a specialization in sex therapy, also, because sex really does happen a lot. 😉 She is now a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern earning hours toward full licensure while working at the Center for Relational Care in Austin Texas and practicing Intimacy Therapy which is REALLY cool and you should check it out.

Maritza is a bi-racial, multi-cultural, one-and-one-half-lingual mental health counselor committed to seeing clients from all colors, creeds, and communities and who uses her diverse background to help her understand the unique perspective of each individual in counseling.  You can see more about her practice at the CRC website.

To book as a counseling client, call the Center for Relational Care at 412 492 6200 or email [email protected]